Marketing Mix Modeling

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Custom Analytics to Improve your Sales Performance & Maximize Marketing ROI

Through marketing mix modeling, we use advanced statistical techniques coupled with a deep understanding of your industry and market to measure the performance of your marketing mix. The Analytic Partners approach is customized to address your specific market, your unique brand, and your business challenges. We provide actionable insights to increase sales, market share, and marketing ROI.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing programs and address your key issues with your media mix: traditional media, digital media, social media, price, promotions and other factors. We examine external influences such as competitive actions, seasonality and economic conditions to understand how these other factors impact your sales performance. The results of our marketing mix modeling are used to improve performance by improving the effectiveness of marketing and reallocating spending for increased marketing ROI.


Innovation and understanding the evolving digital ecosphere are key

Whether you call it new media, or social media, or digital, or screen convergence, we all agree that it is constantly evolving. With constantly changing media and data, our clients require a partner that has expertise in the Digital space. The Analytic Partners customized, consultancy-based approach means that our consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the changing media landscape. At Analytic Partners, we are immersed in Digital data, and we are uniquely positioned to evaluate and leverage new and evolving data sources.

Our ongoing committment

As part of the Marketing Mix Modeling analysis process, Analytic Partners works with you to recommend changes to your marketing plans and to meet your business goals of improved revenue, sales and profit. Plus, as a commitment to our partnership and your long-term success, we will forecast, monitor, and periodically assess the impact of newly executed marketing plans to assess progress and continually improve top-line revenue and ROI.  In addition, our GPS platform will provide you with your key model insights, a business monitoring dashboard and tools for planning and optimization.


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The true value of a model is enhanced when savvy modelers and consultants get hands-on (and minds-on) with your business challenges

The Analytic Partners approach is customized

In the consumer goods (CPG and FMCG) space, some have argued that marketing mix models have been commoditized, and wondered, “why not get your marketing intelligence from the cheapest/quickest/most factory farm-like vendor out there?” Our position, at Analytic Partners, is that while many data formats and data feeds have been standardized, the true value of a model is enhanced when savvy modelers and consultants get hands-on (and minds-on) with your business challenges in mind. Yes, anyone can run a statistical model (of varying quality), but the true value of a model is in the interpretation of the model results and an understanding of the real-world implications and actionability of model findings.

At Analytic Partners, the analysts and consultants who review your data sources, who vet your data, who participate in data prep and quality control are the ones who model your marketing mix. Our analysts and consultants work with your teams to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. Then, we provide advice and guidance based on the real-life challenges, constraints, and opportunities that your business faces. We offer our clients consulting partners who are industry experts, and, in short order, our industry experts become immersed in the particular challenges and opportunities of our clients’ businesses. You’re not going to get that level of engagement from a vendor that outsources modeling work to the cheapest labor markets they can find.

Customization means we can face any industry challenge

Because our approach is customized, Analytic Partners is uniquely positioned to assist clients and brands outside of the traditional CPG/FMCG space. We are constantly approached by executives who tell us that they want to leverage econometric analytics for their business, but that they are concerned because they don’t sell packaged goods in supermarkets. We are happy to report that at Analytic Partners we have a great deal of experience in industries outside of packaged goods. We have extensive experience in custom analytics for industries such as pharma, automotive, gaming, hospitality, retail, and financial services to name a few. Precisely because we do not have a cookie cutter approach, and we do not treat analytics like a commodity to be completed by the lowest cost labor on the planet, Analytic Partners is positioned to complete high complexity work to a high standard while serving as a true consulting partner to our clients.

Quality is paramount; Independence is key

At Analytic Partners, we live and die by the quality of our work, our deliverables, and our relationship with our clients. We succeed when our clients succeed. We are focused purely on marketing analytics. Analytic Partners is independent of media agencies, copy testing vendors, and data providers, and as such, we can provide completely unbiased analytics that are perfectly aligned with our clients’ business interests.

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