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Digital and Cross Channel Attribution Platform

The technology, the interface, AND the consulting support to make Attribution actionable

The evolving media landscape generates a wealth of granular data. While this detailed data provides significant opportunities, it also presents challenges due to its size, disparity, and disorganization. Analytic Partners’ digital and cross channel attribution platform, Introspect, leverages scalable data integration technologies and innovative algorithmic models todeliver accurate cross-media attribution. Ongoing, automated data refreshes provide marketers with the ability to extract clear and actionable insights in real-time.

A SaaS complement to our Digital Attribution services, Introspect provides marketers with access to a full cross-channel attribution of their sales or other KPIs including all offline and online media, and external drivers.

Dynamic infographics and intelligent call-outs deliver clear insights without the need to manually navigate through massive amounts of data. Our unique approach provides deeper insight into the complex customer journey by taking into account the behavioral decision-making process across various stages of the conversion funnel.


The ultra-fast access to customer level information enables marketers to run scenarios and view their data and attribution model results in real-time, and more importantly, at the right time.

Core features include:

  • Segmentation – Create multiple segments of your customer base using comprehensive  selection criteria, then compare and contrast segment response and attributes to identify targeting opportunities
  • Incremental ROI – View Incremental ROI of your cross channel marketing mix with a deep dive into digital advertising efficiency at various levels (partner, campaign size, placement, etc.)
  • Scenario Planning – Plan and simulate investment for the next campaign to optimize against various KPIs (ROI, reach, conversions, etc.)
  • Frequency Analysis – Understand marginal response and view frequency cap recommendations and the scale of advertising wastage at a micro level of investment
  • Dashboard Builder – Use the data mining function to build your own charts and publish to a ready-made dashboard. Data mining function enables the user to build custom charts based on multiple view, chart types, dimensions and segments.

Introspect can be leveraged for both ecommerce and offline industries where digital advertising is an integral part of the marketing mix.  Results can be integrated with digital planning platforms to inform spending decisions, test and learn, and ultimately to drive positive sales results.

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